West Palm Beach Title Loans – How They Work

We work with dozens of licensed lenders to offer title loans in West Pam Beach. Florida Title Loans will start your underwriting and approval authorization and then connect you with a local company that can get the cash that same day!

A guaranteed approval title loan in West Palm Beach works like any other collateral loan. You’ll use your car as security for the loan, and if you default, the lender can repossess your car. Your monthly income and the car’s approximate resale value determine your loan amount. These lending amounts will be in the thousands and are more than what’s available from unsecured loans for people with decent credit. Another benefit of a vehicle equity loan is that anyone in FL can qualify with their car. Most borrowers can keep their car while making payments, as you only need to sign the pink slip as collateral!


Terms and Rates With Local Title Loan Lenders

The best terms for instant title loans in West Palm Beach are typically available to those with good credit. Even with bad credit, getting upwards of $10,000 with your vehicle’s equity is still possible. These loans have high interest rates, which is expected with bad credit loans. Expect an APR of around 65% with a title loan and a 12 to 36 months payment term.


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Title Loan Funding Amounts In West Palm Beach?

The cash you can get from a car title loan in West Palm Beach will depend on your car’s value and income level. The average funding amount in FL is around $4,000; you can get far more than that with a low mileage vehicle or a classic car that still carries value. Some financing companies in Florida offer $10,000 or more for high-value newer cars or luxury vehicles.


Loan Refinances With Florida Title Loans

If you’re behind on your current loan agreement, you can refi an existing title loan with Florida Title Loans and get a much lower APR. We can offer new rates and monthly payments for a refi for people throughout Florida. Those looking for new title lending terms in Miami can apply in person or online.


Pink Slip Title Lending In West Palm Beach, Florida

We offer same day funding for your loan, which means you can get started online and get your cash a few hours later with a local lender in West Palm Beach. So why not get started on your online application with Florida Title Loans? We’ll contact you a few minutes after you submit your info to start underwriting your loan. Call 1-888-986-8505 if you prefer to speak with someone to complete your application!