We’re here to help Florida consumers with their secured financing needs. Our company has been providing lending services in Florida for nearly seven years, and we put the needs of our customers first. A lot goes into getting an online title loan, from understanding which lender is best for you to know which regulations apply to each company. That’s why working with a company that specializes in Florida title loans is essential. We don’t do payday loans or cash advances. We don’t offer loans or recommend companies in any other state. We’re your best bet if you’re looking for a pink slip lender in FL.


Our Company History

Florida Title Loans has been in business for well over seven years now. Many title loan lenders were leaving Florida or shutting their doors as regulations and local restrictions increased. Even with that, we saw great potential for the car title loan industry. The good thing about this state is that you can use your vehicle’s equity as collateral to secure financing. Also, there’s no limit to how much you can borrow. Lenders will determine an exact amount based on your underwriting results and the total equity in your vehicle. Some local lenders in Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville have city-specific restrictions that residents must follow.

Handing over your vehicle’s title for a few hundred dollars doesn’t always make sense. But there are real reasons why some people do this. Payday loan companies and cash advance lenders have already turned down many applicants with bad credit. There’s no chance they can get a bank loan or credit union advance. Working with a company that provides online title loans may be their only option to get quick cash. Handing over your vehicle title for such a small amount is risky. But these loans are for cash emergencies and must be paid off quickly.


Quick Approval & Underwriting For Florida Title Loans

These days, it’s all about finding a letter that best suits your needs. Have you dealt with bad credit or other borrowing issues? Do you have a vehicle title that’s clean and clear but have a bankruptcy in your past? Do you want a car title loan company that provides funding online? Or a local lender in a large city like Miami or Tampa? Do you need financing but simply need to get through an urgent crisis of a few days or weeks? There are so many variables that go into each specific lending decision.

Over the past few years, we’ve helped consumers through all stages of the underwriting process. Apply with us anytime online or call 888-986-8505 for more info about our company!


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