Many people know how title loans work and what’s required for approval. But did you know that you can cash from a same day title lender without actually having to show the car? In other words, it may be possible for someone living in Florida to get cash from their car’s equity without the lender seeing the vehicle! These types of loans are not common and most companies will actually want to verify the vehicle exists in person. But we’ll break down a few tips to help you get cash from car title loans without seeing the car.


Online Title Loans That Don’t Require The Car – What Works

One way to apply for title loans without having to show the vehicle is to bring in photos or videos of the car. The lender will still need to see the car title, but they may not necessarily need to see the actual car. This can be helpful if the car is in a different location or if it is not easily accessible. The videos and photos will need to be thorough and you should count on at least a few minutes of continuous video footage showing the inside and exterior of the car. Expect the same with photos as you will have to verify and prove the car runs and is in good cosmetic shape.

Another option is to bring in a recent repair bill or other documentation that shows a recorded history of the vehicle and what was worked on. This helps to appease the lender as they will know you paid money for some type of service. The lender will also require the car title and your driver’s license or government-issued ID.

Title loans with no credit check and no vehicle requirement are not incredibly common, but there may be some lenders that are willing to work with you if you have a good reason for why they cannot show or present the car. The best way to increase your chances is by bringing in as much documentation as possible and being upfront about your situation. Be overly forthcoming in explaining why the loan underwriter can not see the car and give them other options to make them understand the car exists. If you’re honest and have everything the lender needs, they’ll be more likely to approve your title loan!


Why Would I Need A Title Loan Without Seeing The Car

There are actually a few reasons you might need to apply for a car title loan without having to show the car. Maybe you’re in a different state than where the car is located or maybe the car is in the shop being repaired. Others reasons can include the fact that the vehicle is having mechanical issues and you can’t take it in to get the vehicle inspected. Or perhaps you live in a rural area and it’s just not feasible to drive a long distance just to show the lender the car exists.

Whatever the reason, if you have equity in your car, you may be able to get cash without physically having to show the vehicle to the lender. All you have to do is find a lender in Florida that allows loans. On the flip side, some companies may be concerned if you don’t want to show them the car or commit to a vehicle inspection. Perhaps the applicant is covering up some type of cosmetic issues with the car or may be the car doesn’t exist at all! There’s a fair amount of fraud in any lending industry and anyone offering big dollars with auto title loans needs to be aware that these situations do in fact exist.


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What Are The Downsides of Title Loans With No Car Required

These types of vehicle title loans are great for someone who’s in a bind and can’t show the lender the auto for whatever reason. But ideally, you would bring in the car and have it inspected by your lender. In terms of downsides that can be attributed to title loans with no car required, there are a few. The funding amount may be a bit lower than what’s expected with a typical secured title loan. The lender may also charge a higher interest rate because they’re taking on more risk by not being able to see and inspect the vehicle.

If everything pans out and you’re approved for the title loan without showing the car, make sure you have a solid plan in place to repay the loan. These equity loans have interest rates that can be nearly 100% and those terms may even be higher if you’re not letting the lender view your car!


Auto Title Loans Without The Car Being Present

Remember, the car’s title is what’s used as collateral or security for the loan amount. You don’t need to hand over the car and there’s no problem with you continuing to drive the vehicle. But the car’s pink slip is only worth what the vehicle is valued at and if there’s no vehicle or if there’s something wrong with the car then the lender can be in a difficult situation.

As always communicate with the loan underwriting team and let them know you’re interested in either first or second lien title loans that don’t require the car. Explain to them why you can’t bring in the car and why it’s not available to be seen. Offer other ways they can confirm the vehicle exists and there should be no further issues with the vehicle verification process.

Fill out our online application to get started and get more information about car title loans without the vehicle being present. There are plenty of ways for anyone in Florida to verify the car does exist and you don’t always show the lender your car!


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