Why Don’t Banks Give Out Car Title Loans?

We get this question quite often here in Florida. Many applicants would prefer to get cash from their local bank and that’s understandable. Here in Miami, there are hundreds of established banks that provide funds to consumers everyday. The problem is that many of these lending institutions and credit unions aren’t going to provide online title loans. Let’s get right into the facts to determine why banks are not providing title loans in Florida.

To start off as to why really a bank might not give you a car title loan, it is critical to understand what a secured and an unsecured loan is. check out banks in Pensacola for online loans In the simplest possible way, a secured loan has a piece of collateral that the bank will seize in the event of a default. They have cheaper interest rates but are comparatively more risky. An unsecured loan does not have any collateral to protect it; so that would mean they would charge a penalty for not paying the loan in time. A car title loan is a secured loan while a personal loan is an unsecured one. As an unsecured loan does not take collateral into consideration, in the event of a default, lenders tend to use a borrower’s credit score as security. In a general manner of speaking, an unsecured loan will be available to an individual who has a good credit history. But the absence of collateral also causes the bankers to charge higher interest rates, sometimes up to 300 percent.  Most banks in Florida are regulated by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation.  This means they must adhere to strict guidelines set which regulate the exact types of loans they can provide.

These factors often cause banks to stick with unsecured personal loans rather than giving out online title loans. While they require more credit, they allow the bank to be comparatively more secure and also gain more monetary profits. Any licensed bank in Florida will not question the reason you require the money and also how you will spend it, this puts the onus on the borrowers, making it quite risky for them while more credible for the bank. They also have a ton of paperwork. However, if you are taking up a car title loan with your automobile as collateral, here are some factors you should be aware of.

A Credit Union Will Not Let You Use a Pink Slip as Collateral


In comparison to unsecured loans, it is easier to obtain a secured loan as they are not so picky about great credit scores. This is because of the fact that there is collateral or a pink slip in place However, the possibility of default remains quite relevant which gives them more reason to avoid it. Second, the banks in Florida get to charge higher interest rates on the loans that they give out in case of a personal loan. Third, a bank has to follow way more complex regulations and background checks in comparison to that of online title loans. In case your vehicle loses value due to any form of damage, it may then be tricky for the bank to cover it up.  If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need emergency cash you should first check with your local and state government.  Here in Florida, we know of many cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale which provide hands on budget help and workshops.  You can also look into the free resources provided by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

The risk of losing the collateral may often lead a borrower to go further with a personal loan. You may not quite realize the possible implications of it in comparison to that of an online title loan service in Florida. Despite the interest rates and credit scores, a borrower might want to go ahead with a personal loan. And banks might prefer it due to the credit factors involved in the whole process of giving out such a loan. Online title loans are basically for people who need cash fast. Most have bad credit, and have no Florida based bank account or checking information. But they should take it only if they are confident of repaying before due date or they might lose their car.
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